Friends of LACES – Meeting Minutes – November 9, 2011

Lauren Garza called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00.

Elizabeth Dennehy passed out flyers regarding the Grove/Americana shopping fundraiser; Trish Garone announced she was selling LACES magnets for the baseball team.

Approval of October Minutes: Susan Robinson moved to approve the October minutes, Paul Smith seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

PE Department Report: Ms. Fields chair of the PE Department gave an overview of the PE Department, informing that there are 5 teachers on staff and that there are 5 week units.  Unfortunately, students who have PE periods 4, 5, & 6 will not swim this year as there are too many students in the class to make swimming worthwhile.  They are trying to work something out.

A discussion then took place over the following: how grading happens in PE, and why it is not standard for each class; why the try out and practice schedules are only posted in the gym area and not on the website where parents can see; and the ongoing discussion about re-seeding and re-leveling the field and who is responsible for it, LAUSD or the LA Park and Rec department.

Principal’s report: Mr. Boger expressed how proud he was of the edition of the school newspaper, however, he was concerned about the article on cheating.  According to the article, 95% of the students surveyed admitted to cheating once per year.  This is an issue the faculty needs to take seriously.  Although LACES has a policy on academic offenses, once again this brings us back to the need to take a look at ourselves and ask what our academic environment is encouraging kids to do.  Mr. Boger is planning a focus group with seniors and asking kids their experience here at LACES in an effort to look at a long term plan to determine if we are pushing our kids to be too competitive.  Once again this opens up the discussion of whether we are offering too many AP classes.  There is no hidden agenda in this message, just wanting to find out what we are trying to accomplish.

Financial Report: As of this date, we are ahead of our fundraising schedule as our direct donation campaign has brought in $42,203.30 to date!

Funding Requests:     As a follow up to the funding request for the Pond Maintenance, David Diliberto reported that he talked the people down to a flat fee of $2,000 for the year.

Other Finances: $77 was made in recycling – leadership reminds the students about the bins on campus in the morning announcements.

BPO: Next Monday in the auditorium BPO will be honoring students with a 3.0 average and above.  BPO will do the teacher breakfast at the end of December and will plan the pancake breakfast in February.

KPO: A meeting was held on November 7, 2011 with 24 parents in attendance.  The main focus of the discussion was the lunch menu and how the kids were complaining about the food.  Mr. Boger explained that we have a new chef and that they are trying to improve on the quality and making foods healthier and taste better.  KPO is hosting the teacher breakfast on November 18.  On January 20, which is the Lunar New Year there will be a celebration and performance on Korean tradition and culture in the 5th and 6th periods.  Also, the KPO donated $300 for books.

LPO: The group is growing as they had 40 in attendance at the last meeting.  LPO had a $1200 profit at the U-House festival.  There is going to be a meeting on November 16 at Local District 6 where there will be a presentation regarding ISIS module.  The December meeting is set for Saturday, December 10 at 9am at LACES; and finally, the young Latino Scholars Club is up and running again!



Phone-A-Thon: Is taking place and will continue next week, Monday through Thursday from 6 to 8 pm.  We need Korean speaking parents to participate.  So far the phone-a-thon has brought in $8,000 to 10,000 in additional pledges.

Shopping: Please do you holiday shopping at the Grove, the Americana, escript and on Amazon – all will make money for the school.  Grove and Americana receipts can either be turned in there at the Concierge or brought to school.  There will be an envelope in the office if you would rather turn in receipts there.

We would for more families to join the yahoo group – spread the word.

FOL has a wish list – it is on the Amazon site.

Hospitality: Susan Robinson

Thanks to the classes of 2012 and 2018 for the Halloween Breakfast; November 18 is the next coffee stop and breakfast and we are looking for after school snacks for after school study groups.

Student Body Liaison: Zack Robinson

If you are aware of a 6th grader who may need some support, Leadership has a big brother/big sister high school student program to help;

The Carnival was a success, over 20 clubs participated (out of 35); Nov. 18 is Homecoming at the Marina Marriott – tickets are $28 now but next week will go up to $30 – if a student has detention and has not completed it they will not be allowed to attend the dance.

Good and Welfare: Chris Carlson proposed if FOL could subsidize the first 6th grade social of the year so that all 6th graders can attend

Meeting was adjourned.

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