Friends of LACES – Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2011

Co-President’s Maggie Scott and Lauren Garza called the meeting to order at approximately 7:10.

Maggie informed that the 5 week progress reports went home yesterday and also spoke about the ISIS Family Module and how to go about getting the forms.

Linda Roche, our Librarian pointed out nine new computers (giving us 24 in total) which are used by students both for research and the online Apex classes.

Approval of September Minutes:  Phyllis Kory moved to approve the minutes from the September meeting, Jenny Skoble seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.


Principal’s report:

Special Ed:  Mr. Boger mentioned that some parents of special ed students were expressing concern wondering whether the school was adequately providing the accommodations indicated in some IEP reports.  Balancing the needs of students gets trickier as they get older as some students do not want to be singled out for special ed.  Mr. Boger is getting familiar with how special ed works at LACES.

Sub Group CST Scores:  Compared to all other LAUSD schools, we are doing very well.  However, there is a noticeable difference in the overall scores of different subgroups.  The area of concern is with our African American students who had lower scores in both English and Math.

WASC Year: This year is the renewal of our WASC accreditation (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).  While it is certain our accreditation will be renewed as overall our results are excellent and this is a high performing school, it is a good time to look at the data and see the areas in which we can improve.  Although these discussions are for the long term (and not the immediate WASC accreditation), we want to look into why there is a disparity in the percentage of African American students enrolled in LACES AP classes.  Since LACES offers so many AP courses, it may be time to examine if we are really serving all the needs of our student body.  If there is one group not taking advantage of the classes offered should we look into other options?  In addition, the AP program is good for the high school, but what is it doing for our middle school?  Should we look into having more honors classes in lieu of AP; and what about offering more enrichment classes.  There is no simple answer, and any changes have to be carefully planned to balance our existing classes and the teachers we have to teach them.


Financial Report: Back to school night was a big success bringing in over $25,000 in donations and over 300 reams of paper for the office.  We are a month ahead of where we were last year.  Norman informed the group that he picks up all the deposits and check requests on Friday morning and processes them over the weekend.


Funding Requests

Pond Maintenance: David Diliberto is taking over the care and maintenance of the pond.  He is working hard to get the pond and the pumps working efficiently (which is tricky – it seems we have issues blowing fuses, we need to explore whether the pump is the right size of if we need a bigger fuse.  When the fuse blows, the pump stops and the water begins to stagnate ).  Since we are out of the warranty period with the company who set up the pond, he would like to enter into a service contract with them for a monthly service while he will continue to do a weekly service (and would like to get kids from the Green Club to learn the pond maintenance).  Elise reminded us that we should use that company since they are already vetted by LAUSD.  The cost would be $2,600 for the first year and $2,100 for additional years.  Since we have over $5,000 in leftover class funds from 2013, Susan made a motion that we take $2,300 from the leftover Class of 2013 funds and authorize David to go up to that amount and negotiate a contract for one year.  The motion was approved.

Substitute Teacher Funding: As the budget was set for this year, funding from FOL that previously paid for our choir teacher came back to us (he is being paid from another channel).  We may want to use that money ($9904) to pay for office help and to pay for substitute teachers that we need to cover for teachers who are out on field trips.  We are looking at needing a total of $3,384 or $282 per substitute.  A motion was made and approved that we use $3384 of the $9904 to pay for substitute teachers.


BPO: The meeting focused on the 10th graders planning a trip to New York in 2013; the UHouse festival and CST test scores.  Encouraging study groups and also having a recognition ceremony for all students with a 3.0 and higher average.

KPO: The meeting focused on UHouse, study groups and cleaning day.  The second Friday of every month KOP helps to clean our campus.  Their meeting is the first Monday of every month at 8am.

LPO: The meeting focused on planning UHouse.  They will be selling food, carne asada and papusas.



UHouse Festival: is scheduled for Saturday, October 22 from 11am to 5pm.  Set up begins at 9:30; Councilman Wesson’s office is providing table and chairs, we still need water and sodas donated.

Direct Donations:  Back to school night was a big success in terms of direct donation, we are hoping to continue that success with our Phone-a-Thon.  Currently it is being planned for the first two weeks of November and we are looking for volunteers to help make calls.

Spring Gala: Will be on April 28, 2012 at the Empress Pavillion.  We need donations – but like last year, we want small items such as gift cards.


Student Body Liaison: Zack Robinson

Leadership: There is an AIDS walk this Sunday, LACES has a team – Zack will find out where they are to meet.

Magazine Drive – Last due date is next Wednesday, however, orders can be placed on line.

Halloween Carnival: Will be on October 28, tickets are .50¢ each.

Homecoming Dance: November 18 from 7 to 11 pm at the Marina del Rey Marriott.  Entire student body is welcome, although 95% of the attendees are high school students.



Friday, October 28 is the next coffee stop and teacher breakfast which is to be hosted by the class of 2012 – but are asking for additional help from the 6th grade parents.


Good and Welfare:

Ms. Mendoza had her baby – Congratulations!

Meeting was adjourned.

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