A Message From Our FOL Co-Presidents:

Hello LACES Families! 

This fall we are excited to launch LACES 38th school year. It is hard to believe that LACES has been educating thousands of students every year since 1977 and continues to distinguish itself as a top performing school in the nation.

One thing that has been made clear in the last four decades, is that it is not enough to have a top faculty, staff and principal in place (which we do) at LACES. It is also vital that our parents are engaged in the LACES community. Our parent group, Friends of LACES (FOL) plays an integral part of the learning process by providing funding, volunteers, parent support and creative solutions for any problems or goals that LACES community wants to achieve.

We anticipate a dynamic 2015-2016 school year with the arrival of the class of 2022. Our 2020 & 2021 parents are working hard to build up the middle school community while our seasoned high school parents (2019-2016) provide leadership and support as students and parents set their sights on college.

As Co-Presidents of FOL, we will strive to make LACES an extraordinary experience for both students, faculty and parents and welcome all of your to our community and new year!

Thank you,

Avery Krut

Maggie Owen

FOL – Friends of LACES